What is difference between 4400mah and 6600mah battery for a laptop?

6 Jul

Nowadays, there are more and more high capacity replacement batteries made by third-party laptop battery manufacture in China. So it offers us more choices when upgrading our battery.


Like our previous post said, some friends might be confused by 3 different capacities for one specific laptop mode. We normally have following similar questions from our customers towards capacity difference,


1, What is difference between the 4400mah Toshiba PA3534u-1brs laptop battery and 6600mah battery?

2, My original battery model is Toshiba PA3534u-1brs, its capacity is 4400mah, can I use your 6600mah one or 9600mah battery? Is there any harm to my laptop?


We need to learn some basic knowledge of the laptop battery first. A battery is mainly made up of cells, protection board and plastic parts etc. The capacity of a battery is up to the number of cell used in production. The more cells used, the higher capacity it is, the longer work time you get.


For example, the 10.8v, 4400mah toshiba PA3534u-1brs laptop battery is made up of 6 cells, the 10.8v 6600mah toshiba PA3534u-1brs laptop battery is made up of 9 cells, while the 10.8v 9600mah toshiba PA3534u-1brs laptop battery is made up of 12 cells.


When it comes here, we know that the 6600mah laptop battery can offer longer work time than the 4400mah laptop battery at same conditions, and the 6600mah battery is also compatible with the 4400mah one, it won’t do any harm to laptops.


Normally, the 6600mah battery has different shape from the 4400mah one, it is higher or longer than the 4400mah item, but it doesn’t matter, it can still fit into the laptop well. Besides, the 6600mah battery or higher capacity one is a little weightier than standard 6 cell one. Compared to longer work time, this should be small case, isn’t it?


Want to upgrade your own laptop battery now? Welcome to visit the online replacement laptop battery store. Just enjoy the benefit of upgraded high capacity battery.



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